Work Begins on Soap Book

I took on the mission to write a book about the making of Soap back in 2008, shortly before starting work on The Gilmore Girls Companion. I think somewhere in the back of my mind I thought I would work on them both simultaneously and get them out around the same time….2009.

In my defense, I will admit that I had exactly one book to my name then (30 Years of British Television), and had failed to factor in other time consuming endeavors such as working for a living. I began conducting interviews in 2008 and managed to get a fair number recorded, if not transcribed, before the Gilmore Girls book quickly grew to consume every hour the dayjob did not.

Today, though, I can finally get back to work on this book, as The Gilmore Girls Companion was sent to press last week after nearly three years and 40 interviews. I’ve given the ol’ schedule a swift kick, cleared several hours this weekend, and will get busy transcribing those interviews already in-hand.

Those of you who’ve patiently waited for this book to get going (special shout out to Brian Mattocks on this subject), I thank you. I hope the wait will have been well worth it.


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