Susan Harris Interview Transcribed

This process definitely has its odd side.

For those new to this project, I started conducting interviews for the Soap book back in April 2008, shortly before starting work on The Gilmore Girls Companion. That last book, which went to the publisher a week ago, ballooned into a 40-interview, 480-page monster, and promptly took over my life.

Now that the Gilmore book is finished, I can finally get back to Soap, which means transcribing interviews that took place more than two years ago. It’s sort of like Christmas morning as I’m rediscovering all of these bits and pieces of information that I was told — and forgot — over the intervening years.

Yesterday I transcribed my talk with Soap creator Susan Harris, who was very gracious, though she was the first to admit that she’d forgotten quite a bit about the show. There was something particularly entertaining, for both of us I think, about the way I would mention a plot point and she would marvel at it as if somebody else had put this show together. Billy’s teacher tried to kill him?! Danny was Chester’s son?! (Apologies for the spoiler-sensitive, but it’s been a good 30 years at least, really.)


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