Stu Silver Interview Transcribed

Though Susan Harris will always be remembered as the creator and writer of Soap, there was another writer that was brought in to help her shoulder some of the dialogue writing around the second half of Season 2: Stu Silver.

In addition to writing such scenes as Jodie’s impassioned family court appearance, Silver wrote most of the scenes between Dutch and Eunice, including the memorable showdown where the sisters make Dutch choose between the two of them.

Silver was as surprised as anybody when the series was canceled after Season 4; he’d actually come up with a way to rescue Jessica from the firing squad for the beginning of Season 5. But hadn’t they painted themselves into a corner with the cliffhanger?

I say this to some writers: If you paint yourself into a corner, just walk across the room. So you get some paint on your shoes, just walk out of there!”


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