Looking Ahead to the New Year

Hi all. Sorry for the silence, but I had the legs knocked out from under me by a bug of some kind that snuck up on me Christmas Eve. (Ho ho ho indeed.) Now that I’m feeling a little better, I’m back to it. Here’s what’s heading our way next year:

More interviews. First off, I already have three more talks scheduled with members of the cast for January, and should be nailing down a few more in the next three weeks or so. As I’ve never felt comfortable naming interviewees until the conversation has actually happened, I’ll refrain from doing so here as well. That said, I’ll be sure to post about them once we’ve had our chat.

A greater scope. Over the last two weeks, I’ve realized that the story of Soap is really the story of a battle of world views that was raging in the seventies and eighties long before its premiere. To understand the importance of the series, you have to understand the television landscape of that time. Soap! The Inside Story… will endeavor to place the controversy surrounding the show in the larger context of the cultural war that was unfolding at the time.

Finally, it’s my hope that I will be able to have the book ready for publication by November. As I’ve learned from working on other books, what we hope for and what we get can often be two different things. As 2011 will be the 30th anniversary of Soap‘s departure from the airwaves, though, I am hopeful that this book will serve as a timely reminder of what we had for four years.


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