Multitasker Dinah Manoff

If you’re ever looking for a quick lesson in multitasking, you could do worse than giving Dinah Manoff (Danny’s doomed bride, Elaine) a quick ring.

We had a fun conversation yesterday while the mother of three cooked up an afterschool snack for her sons (grilled cheese, if you must know).

Since leaving California for a small town in Washington state, Manoff has worked as an acting teacher and theater director — dream jobs for anyone more into the craft of performance than the jockeying and mindgames that Hollywood thrives upon.

Manoff holds a unique position in Soap history, with connections to Witt Thomas Harris programs that both preceded and followed Soap. Her mother, Lee Grant, was the star of Fay, the early series that met an untimely end thanks to controversies similar to those that hobbled Soap. Manoff also co-starred with Richard Mulligan (Soap‘s Burt Campbell) in The Golden Girls spin-off Empty Nest. (In that capacity, she even had the opportunity to direct several episodes.)


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