The Father of the Man

If Soap itself was a lightning rod of controversy when it first hit the airwaves back in 1977, Father Timothy Flotsky was the poor fellow holding it. No matter how you look at it, the story line of a young priest who could not bring himself to turn his back on his childhood sweetheart was a bridge too far for those who felt that “the liberal media” was thumbing its nose at their mores.

Yet, had they the opportunity to speak with the actor who played him as I did yesterday, they may have had second thoughts about it all. Sal Viscuso could’ve told them a thing or two about the real world that make television taboos look like what they are — trivial.

I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to speak with a fair number of people involved with Soap, and Sal is as good natured and passionate about his work as his Soap character was controversial. I think you will see Father Flotsky, and the times in which Sal played him, in a more nuanced light when Soap! The Inside Story… is finally published. I thank him for sharing his story with me, and with us all.


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