Do You Remember the ’70s?

No worries, gang. This isn’t the beginning of a VH1 special or anything. Many of you have generously offered to help in the making Soap! The Inside Story…, for which I’m extremely grateful.

First, let me say that I continue to welcome your memories of discovering Soap itself (Please check out the WordPress page or Facebook discussion).

Now, however, I would like to ask for some of your more general memories about the time that Soap premiered, the mid to late 1970s. You see, the main thrust of this book is that Soap didn’t come together in a vacuum — it was the result of a very tumultuous period in American, and let’s face it, world history.

Therefore, if you have any memories of what was going on at the time in your own life, I would really love to hear from you. Anything from memories of the gas lines, the military draft, politics, whatever you would gauge as something that you experienced that was emblematic of the times — please consider sharing them. Drop me a line at asberman813 (at) If you would like to share those memories with a wider audience, contribute to the Facebook discussion.

Thank you again for your continued support of this project 🙂


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