Layout Begins on the ‘Soap’ Book

Greetings fellow Soap suds (the confident among you should feel free to add a “t” to that phrase if you think it appropriate). Just a few quick housekeeping items this morning.

First, I wanted to let everyone know that layout on “Soap! The Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke All the Rules” finally began yesterday. For those who have no idea what I’m on about, this is how the book process works:

1. Write the Beast. Yours truly has been typing away like mad in a word processor for the last few years, which is about as rewarding as income tax. As of now, I’m still finishing up the book in the word processor. However, the beginning parts of the book that are already written are being moved from the text-only word processor to:

2. Laying out the Beast. In this case, my better half and partner in crime Pamela Norman has begun to take all of that endless text and transform it into something that looks much more like a book: putting that text on book pages in an eye-pleasing way, finding the right fonts, inserting the handful of photos we’ve been able to wrangle, and otherwise making this all look like something you might actually want to read. This also includes designing the cover. (Later today we will post the first version of that cover here.)

3. Editing the Beast. Once the book is all laid out, yours truly will have to read through the whole volume to make sure it all reads as well as can be managed. During this phase, I will also be conferring with those interviewed to make sure it all jibes with reality. Also during this stage, I will probably post some rather disjointed blog entries — feel free to ignore these. It’s all part of the madness, I’m afraid.

4. Printing the Beast. The electronic files leave our weary little hands and the publisher transforms them into actual heavy-enough-to-club-a-person volumes.

Wow, that all does sound rather daunting, so I’d best be getting back to it. As always, thank you for your interest!


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