Cover Version 1.5

One of the fun parts for me is seeing how a book cover evolves over time. This is what Pamela came up with yesterday. She tends to like classic, clean designs, and was unhappy with how the whole sub-head of the book was handled (here’s version 1.0).


4 comments on “Cover Version 1.5

  1. Now you’ve got a few heads brushing against the title hehe Covers indeed are a work in progress, but you definitely working with the right image. 🙂

    Yesterday I started watching the show yet again on DVD- never gets old.

  2. Probably 2-2 1/2 years ago or so I watched the show again, a few episodes or so a day. Though I did skip a couple of episodes near the end, I must confess- the El Puerco era was not my favorite, I must confess. lol This time, though, I will bear the Pig. 🙂

    • Ah yes, El Puerco. Though I do love Mr. Sierra, there are indeed episodes that take a little bit of stamina to get through. You are a brave man 😉

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