Thank You, Judy Evans Steele

What better way to begin the year that will see the publication of Soap: The Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules (boy that’s a mouthful) than with the receipt of a package containing a few of the original costume designs from Soap?

I am forever in debt to Soap costume designer Judy Evans Steele who loaned us the use of these fantastic illustrations, complete with fabric swatches! I can’t wait for you all to see the artistry that went into the creation of these clothes; amazing stuff.


9 comments on “Thank You, Judy Evans Steele

  1. Good stuff, Aaron. Hope the final stretch is going well. 🙂

    Are your interviews pretty complete, or are you waiting on anyone (actors or behind-the-camera personnel)?

    • I’d say they’re complete for the most part, though I still hold out a dreamer’s hope that two or three people have a change of heart/reveal their whereabouts before we go to press.

  2. That’s wonderful news. Thank You Judy Evans Steele and Thank You Aaron for bringing this book to life for all the SOAP fans across the world.

    • Hi Neil! Not sure what the price will be; the length of this work (I can only guess at that until it’s completely layed out) will dictate the price. The last book came in at nearly 500 pages and went for $34.95; I’m thinking this one may come in at 300-350, so possibly $24.95-$29.95. Will keep everybody posted once we know something for certain.

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