Meanwhile…’Bombs’ Away

A nice little piece from The Hollywood Reporter here about ABC’s Modern Family gearing up for an episode in which a 2-year-old character “drops the F bomb.” Not surprisingly, the Parents Television Council isn’t happy; is it ever? (Blur your eyes and we could be back in the Soap days.)

Hard to believe there are wars, famine, poverty, deforestation  — heck, even leprosy is still alive and kicking — out there, and a bunch of people are worrying about the utterance of a single, solitary sound on television. If that doesn’t make you say “Aw f**k,” nothing will.


4 comments on “Meanwhile…’Bombs’ Away

  1. Ha! Reminds me of Ralphie’s line from ‘A Christmas Story’:

    “Only I didn’t say ‘fudge’. I said THE word… the ‘F’ ‘dash’ ‘dash’ ‘dash’ word…”


    • Just to point out some other examples, Growing Pains did the same thing, where the baby cursed to bleeps, and Seinfeld also did it, although the kid was older there. The country survived both episodes.

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