What the Heck…Send those Protest Letters Today


9 comments on “What the Heck…Send those Protest Letters Today

  1. Hard to believe these folks thought protesting a TV show would somehow change the world into a better place. And it’s still happening! Face it, the world is a big place with lots of upsetting stuff. But picking on popular entertainment is not going to help people live better lives.

  2. Very true, Kyle. Yet one of the more interesting aspects of the Soap protest has to do with the way these groups found themselves locked into a position they then had to defend. As we’ve long known, most of the initial protest was fueled by news magazine articles that appeared about 3 months before Soap had premiered. In them, much of what was to happen on Soap was blown out of proportion, firing up the masses. However, once the show actually aired and people saw that it wasn’t nearly as offensive as it had been made out to be, these groups already had their picketers out and their letters sent — they had no real choice but to keep on or admit they had made too much out of something they hadn’t even seen. There’s a great TV Guide cover story from Nov. 26-Dec. 2, 1977 (again, thanks to Jeff Krueger for lending me his clippings on this) in which they interviewed some of the heads of these groups after the series had been on for a few weeks. They ask the U.S. Catholic Conference spokesman Father Sullivan what he thinks of the offensive show they’ve been protesting now that he’s actually had a chance to see it. “We find it…dull.” You can almost hear the disappointment in his voice.

  3. Still a great topic. For those of us around then, it really takes you back. Completely off topic but does anyone know the name of the fellow who does the voice over on this clip — I think he was pretty much the main announcer for ABC back in the day.

  4. I just found the information. Ernie Anderson was the voice of ABC back in the day.

    Here is a YouTube video of him during a recording session back in the late 1980’s.

  5. Whatever happened to “If you don’t like it, don’t watch it”? Why do they always feel a need to prevent ME from watching it?

    • Sadly, not everybody subscribed to that idea, Jamie. American history — heck, world history — has had healthy contributions from the censors of the world.

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