The Voice of ABC Back in the Day

A nice shot of nostalgia for Soap-era ABC fans; thanks for finding this, Becky πŸ™‚


19 comments on “The Voice of ABC Back in the Day

  1. Another AMAZING Clip and Voice Over from Ernie: Check out Richard Mulligan and Catherine Damon at the beginning of this commercial. What a find!

  2. Now that you mentioned it clip…

    Another SOAP ad with Ernie’s voice over. Is El Puerco about to challenge Chester to a duel? πŸ˜‰

    Clip starts at :18 seconds and ends at :30 seconds.

  3. Hi, These 2 promos are from SOAP’s syndicated run across the U.S. I know this is going off the topic of Ernie Anderson’s CLASSIC ABC Voice Over Promos but these commercials are a must see. The 2nd commercial is hysterical!

  4. BACK on Topic 2 classic Commercials from 1978:

    SOAP Season #2 Premieres: Will SOAP fans find out who killed Peter Campbell?

    SOAP :12-:19 Seconds

    SOAP Season #2: Danny’s Wedding Day!

    SOAP :9-:19 Seconds!

  5. Crossover ALERT:

    Jessica Tate makes a heavenly visit to BENSON after SOAP ends it’s 4 year run on ABC.

    Benson: 0-8 Seconds!

  6. Another Classic SOAP commmercial from 1979:

    Leslie is about to give Billy a very special Birthday Present.

    SOAP: :6-14 seconds.

    ABC You and Me Commercial featuring several cast members of SOAP.

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