CNN Piece on the ‘Soap’ Book

Many thanks to CNN’s Katie McLaughlin for the excellent article she wrote for her “Throwback” column today, “Soap that’s Kind of Dirty.”

After all those years of Soap being pigeonholed as this “dirty” show, it’s so gratifying to see it vindicated in some way. Jonestown, terrorism, political assassinations, and Soap was the thing people organized themselves to fuss about back then.

(And yes, yes, we’re frantically working to finish this book up, true believers.)


12 comments on “CNN Piece on the ‘Soap’ Book

  1. In my best James Earl Jones voice: This is CNN! Congrats, Aaron. This is one small step for an author, one giant leap for Soapkind in the 21st Century.

    • Thank you, Becky. I believe that once the book has actually been published, it will show up on Amazon, which is how it’s gone with my other three books.

  2. Very nice, Aaron. 🙂

    The article says you interviewed over 30- I count 27 names to the right side. Are you holding out on a few that you spoke to? hehe

    • I believe my wording was “nearly 30” people interviewed, but it’s a small detail. I was much more gratified to see that she really got the gist of what the book is about — something that some of Soap’s critics still have a problem with 35 years on.

  3. Indeed. 🙂 Soap is a work that more people should be aware of- hopefully this book helps expose more people to it, especially younger people.

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