A Very Soap-worthy Announcement

This comes from Chuck & Bob himself, Jay Johnson. His one-man Broadway show, the Tony-winning “The Two and Only,” is being recorded for home video for release in time for Christmas.

Normally I’d be talking up “Soap: The Inside Story…” for all your gift-giving needs, but I’ve been hearing so many good things about Jay’s show from so many different people who’ve seen it, I have to spread the word.

Not only does his show give you the opportunity to experience first-hand the talent that was only glimpsed on Soap, it also gives you Jay’s behind-the-scenes story of how Bob came to be. Watch out for this one, folks. Follow his blog. Don’t let this one get away.





2 comments on “A Very Soap-worthy Announcement

  1. It was a wonderful show. Defying categorization, it was part memoir, part lecture, part comedy act, and part love story. Highly recommended for Soap fans and others. (But make sure to save a few bucks for Aaron’s book, too…)

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