Happy Birthday, Brian Mattocks

Happy birthday today to Mr. Brian Mattocks. No, he didn’t have a bit part as a Sunny, nor was he a grip behind the scenes on Soap. No, Brian was the very first person to join the Soap book’s Facebook page back in the day. For weeks on end it was just me, my then-fiance Pamela, and Brian hanging out online, occasionally wondering if it would always be the three of us.

Brian is also famous here at Soap Nostalgia Central for frequently trying to will Season 5 of Soap into existence, no matter how many times he’s reminded that Susan Harris and Co. have said on multiple occasions they had no idea how Jessica was going to escape that firing squad. For his steadfast optimism in the face of the facts and his been-there-from-the-beginning loyalty to this project, we say happy birthday Brian!


5 comments on “Happy Birthday, Brian Mattocks

  1. My rescue Jessica escape was that the gunfire heard wasn’t from the firing squad, but rather from people saving her. Always like to hear other ways out, if you have one.

    • I’ve seen so many rumors about that final scene over the years; it’s really hard to say what Susan’s mindset was at the time. Today she doesn’t remember any solutions that were floated, and is pretty skeptical that they had any at all considering how seat-of-the-pants scripts were banged out. She might have said something much earlier but I haven’t come across it just yet.

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