That’s Kinda Neat…

Received an email from out of the blue on July 19th from a fact checker at The New Yorker of all places asking me to confirm a couple of “facts” about Soap for a piece they’re running about shows with cliffhangers:

“Do you know if the following is accurate:
1. The show included regular cliffhangers. 
2. Each week concluded with a narration (“Will Jessica discover Chester’s affair . . . ? Will Benson discover Chester’s affair? Will Benson care?”), followed by the kicker: “These questions—and many others—will be answered in the next episode of . . . ‘Soap.’ ”
The little Aaron Berman who sent his adolescent short stories to The New Yorker back in the ’90s cried a little when I read that email…



5 comments on “That’s Kinda Neat…

  1. Thanks, gang. I was impressed that the writer of the piece knew that the “Who Killed Peter Campbell” story line predated “Who Shot JR” 🙂

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