At Long Last: First (Rough) Preview Pages

Prev_pageIt is with great pleasure (and greater trepidation) that we present the very first glimpses of Soap! The Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules. You are among a very privileged few, as you are the first people to see what we’ve been working on for so long. (Our apologies to our esteemed publisher, who will be seeing these for the first time right along with you.)

What These Pages Are

Our goal with posting these is to give you some idea of the format of the book, including its approach to incorporating behind-the-scenes material into detailed examinations of each episode. These pages:

  • Still require some text, design and photo editing
  • Will include more explanatory material in the margins
  • Will not win us any friends on the extreme left or right.

What These Pages Are Not

Not wanting to “give away the farm,” we have decided not to post pages that include much in the way of exclusive information and images that we dug up during our five year exhaustive research. Some of these we will post online shortly after the book is released, because we simply can’t imagine keeping these things from you, especially those who’ve been with us from the beginning. But hey, we would like to hold on to a little mystery…

These preview pages do not include:

  • Exclusive planning sketches made for Soap costumes (including the aliens)
  • A 35+-year secret about the origins of the whole Soap controversy.
  • Two personal stories from cast and crew that do more to explain Soap and its times than anything we’ve come across.
  • Major plot points from the Soap bible that never made it to air.

And now, without further blather from yours truly, I present the first (rough) preview pages for four spreads from Soap! The Inside Story…

Thanks for making it this far,



25 comments on “At Long Last: First (Rough) Preview Pages

  1. There are always limitations with photos, but there’s a certain amount of wiggle room under “fair use.” As mentioned earlier, there probably will be some photo editing to do before we go to print — clearances and the like.

  2. It’s very pleasing to the eye and reads easily. I like having the notes on the side instead of having to go to the bottom of the page. It’s going to be a blast to put people to the names after all these years (like Martha Posner). But it’s like getting to open one Christmas present early but still having to wait for the rest. : (
    But thanks for showing us this! : )

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Jeff. Considering the Soap scholar that you are, they come as a great compliment.

  3. It really looks terrific. I’m very impressed with what seems to be the episode guide format. And if all your interview material is as perfectly integrated as these examples, I will be reading and rereading this book for a long time.

    Just out of curiosity, in the process of sending people’s interview text to them for fact checking, was there much shock and backpedaling? (“I said that?!”) Or were people mostly comfortable seeing what they had said?

    • There were a couple of incidents of “backpedaling,” Lee, but mainly people feeling like they were taking more credit for “Soap” than they felt they deserved. Very humble people, these.

  4. Much thanks for putting these up, Aaron. I love reading of the history/dynamics involved in the show coming together, as well as tidbits about what some thought of a certain storyline/bit in episodes. I hope there’s a lot of that throughout. πŸ™‚ Good stuff. Do we have a new target date for the release? Or do you want to hold off on that until you’re comfy that the announced date will fall close to it?

    Lee asked a good question- I’d be curious to know, too.

    • JR35, before I go a comma further, PLEASE tell us your name so I don’t have to call you JR35. You’re one of the people who have been integral to this discussion from the get-go. Now to your questions: Yes, we’ve really tried to give you a good glimpse of how it all came together, and there are some really interesting personal trials and tribulations that influenced the making of this series. As for target dates…. I feel like I’m jinxed now when I try to give one. Having said that, this summer is vague enough to allow us to breathe but specific enough for you to say around Thanksgiving “Didn’t you say summer?!” πŸ˜‰

  5. Best new factoid so far: Arthur (the Major) Peterson’s wife did the cry of Corinne’s baby. I must possess this book!

    • It really is amazing what the cast and crew were able to pull off considering the limited resources they had at the time. One of their greatest assets: theater-trained actors.

  6. Fan-freakin’-tastic! My only problem is now that I’ve had a glimpse of this, I so much want to dive in and read the whole thing! Much like previous commenters, I like the way the information is laid out/presented….seems like it would be easy read. Maybe in a few weeks you could indulge us with another couple of pages? πŸ™‚

  7. Kris, you all are making my week with your kind words — many thanks for that. And yes, there will definitely be a few more preview pages appearing soon. Stay tuned!

  8. I agree with Kris, I can’t wait for another preview.this was great full of fun facts and the format of the book is wonderful easy, insightful and fun to read.

  9. Haha Of course, Aaron- it’s Jim. πŸ™‚

    To be honest, time has flown by so fast that it seems like… “just yesterday”… that the book was due out before the end of (whichever) year.

    (Like the quoted-phrase “Soap reference”? πŸ™‚

    • Nice to meet you after all this time, Jim πŸ˜‰ And I’m more impressed with your “that the book was due out before the end of (whichever) year.” You join an elite club of folks who’ve managed to turn “subtly reminding me of how long this book has been promised” into an art form.

      • you bring up an interesting point. When did you start this, i.e. when did you decide “OK, we’re definitely doing a book.” ?

  10. Good heavens, Gary. I’m sorry to say that was way back in 2008, shortly before the economy decided to blow up like The Major’s munitions. And if memory serves, the first two people I spoke to for it were Susan Harris and Katherine Helmond within days of each other. (I really should dig out my journals from that period — you’ve got me curious.)

  11. So I’ve been coming back to this page over and over again hoping to possibly see some preview, and finally it’s up. And it’s fantastic. It’s really well-written and well-organized, very pleasing to the eye. InDesign?

    • Hi Liam. We’re aiming to have it all wrapped up by the end of the summer (touch wood). You will be able to order it directly from the publisher if you’re in the UK, but we do hope we can get an ebook version, too. We’re looking into that now.

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