‘Arrested Development’: Essentially ‘Soap’?

‘Soap’ book hero and all around TV nerd Jeff K. found this little piece that makes just that case. This page is definitely safe for work…but be warned the pop-up ads will piss you off to no #@! end.


7 comments on “‘Arrested Development’: Essentially ‘Soap’?

  1. Hey Aaron,

    Does the Bible give a motive for Chuck & Bob killing Peter? The show never hinted at any problems other than Bob calling Peter a “meathead/idiot/dont remember(?)” in that episode after the murder.

    • A very good question. I hope you’ll understand my not wanting to steal the book’s thunder by going into too much detail here. But the short answer is that it was less about any specific motivation and more about riffing on the “insane ventriloquist” archetype that’s been a part of horror fiction for a good number of years. At the time that Soap was being made, the current version was the novel (and later film adaptation) of William Goldman’s story “Magic.”

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