‘Soap’ Book Update

Yes, I’m horrible at keeping you all up to date on this book. I’m sorry 😦

First, here’s the process:

1. Print out book pages and proof them on paper.

2. Use proofed pages to make text changes in computer.

3. Lock down computer pages, ready for the publisher.

4. Build the back-of-the-book index.

And here’s where we’re at:

Book pages proofed on paper: 224 (out of 500+)

Computer pages ready for printer: 94

And…back to it πŸ™‚


18 comments on “‘Soap’ Book Update

    • Thank you for the encouragement, Sean. At this rate I’ll be blind by the time the book is out, so every little bit helps πŸ˜‰

    • No! No! Jeff K is an NSA agent, don’t listen to him! The Soap book is alive and well, Virginia. It lives in the hearts of people who want to know more about this groundbreaking show [insert generic sales copy here]. (We’re going to have words, Jeff! Words!)

  1. I will wait patiently until the book is published, I want to read it that badly. I will have ot buy five copies, though. COme on…!

  2. NO,NO, NO, Aaron! I just wanted to remember SOAP on it’s Birthday yesterday.

    EVERY single one of these posters would kill me if you waited 4 more years for this book!

    • I recall someone brought it up a little while ago, but it’s been since lost in the maze of entries, so thanks for bringing it back to where we can find it, Gary πŸ™‚

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