All Singing, All Dancing Book Update

In which the weary author explains his progress on the book “Soap! The Inside Story of the Sitcom that Broke all the Rules,” and makes a pig’s breakfast of it. Hey kids! Take a drink every time he says “um,” and finish the bottle when he makes some excuse about why it’s taken him 5 bloody years to get this thing done. Drink responsibly.



4 comments on “All Singing, All Dancing Book Update

  1. Thanks for the update, Aaron. We always believed you’ve been hard at work on the project. Some labors of love just take longer than others, that’s all. 🙂

  2. There was actually no singing or dancing at all. The title is very misleading. : (
    I was hoping you’d do the Step Bros. bit. But it sounds like the book is almost there so that’s good news. : )

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