‘Soap’ Book Countdown: 4

Didn’t get too much work done on the book yesterday, but that’s OK – Thursday is going to be the all-day session to catch up on anything that couldn’t be done earlier in the week.

I did begin reading through the entire book, though, making little tweaks in the writing here and there; left off on page 29. What amazes me is how much has ended up on the “cutting room floor” – all to the book’s betterment, I think. To understand why so much was cut, you have to know something about the theme of the book, something I don’t think I’ve ever really shared here before. Basically it is this:

While pressure groups on left and right were agitating so vehemently against the broadcast of Soap, truly horrible things were going on throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world: mass suicides, murders, political assassinations, and lingering resentments over the Vietnam war and Watergate.

The cutting of pages was a gradual thing as I tried to find the right amount of recent history to include in the book without boring readers who simply wanted to get to the Soap info. If memory serves, I began with the whole first chapter bringing people up to date on the relevant history. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find yesterday that I’ve brought it down to 2 or 3 pages over time. You’re welcome 😉

Incidentally, the final page count is 454 pages!



2 comments on “‘Soap’ Book Countdown: 4

  1. What’s all this? I’m not even getting e-mail updates anymore. Sounds like a party is going on here. The countdown is certainly an event. Reason enough to give thanks this week. Congrats on bringing it in for a landing, Aaron!

  2. What the- ? I’ve sent you raven after raven, Jeff. Ah well, I appreciate your kind words, and all the support you’ve shown throughout. “Do you want me to get that?”

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