‘Soap’ Book Update: 1…1…1…

I spent a good 12 hours on the read-through yesterday, and there still remains a lot to do. We may need to go into overtime on this one, but we’ll definitely wrap it up over the weekend. On the plus side, we’ll also get a couple more preview spreads up this weekend, too.

So here’s what’s left to do:

Season 1 chapter

  • Replace sidebar with another sidebar (the one that’s there now is actually a duplicate of one that appears in a later part of the book – gah!)

Season 4 chapter

  • Finish final readthrough (halfway through it now)
  • Spellcheck
  • Check photo captions
  • Final design readthrough

Bio/Where are they now section

  • Final readthrough
  • Final design readthrough
  • Spellcheck


  • Check page numbers against final pages in the book

So there we are. And yes, if I knew I’d be in labor with this book this long, I would definitely have opted for the drugs. Onwards and upwards!


4 comments on “‘Soap’ Book Update: 1…1…1…

  1. Or vice versa 😉 Today’s Black Friday deal: 1 drop of blood, 1 drop of tears in every copy of the Soap book. While supplies last…

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