Sal Viscuso ‘Steady Rain’ Tickets on Sale

steady_rainIf you’re in LA in Feb. or March, you can catch Sal Viscuso (Soap‘s Father Tim) in this tense drama. Check out the site for a lot of moody publicity picks, too!

More on the background of this production here.



8 comments on “Sal Viscuso ‘Steady Rain’ Tickets on Sale

  1. I wish I had the memory you credit me with, Gary 🙂 To the best of my recollection they never had any interaction, although they were on the same stage together during some of the family scenes (Tinkler going over the list of Peter Campbell murder suspects comes to mind).

  2. From the “It’s too cold to go outside” dept. The cast of Soap vs. Welcome Back Kotter on Family Feud. (Their game starts at the 20:54 mark).

  3. Great googa mooga, Gary — there goes any hopes of post-holiday productivity around here! This is awesome! (This is also too good to languish in the comments; have to move it up front.)

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