If You Enjoyed the ‘Soap’ Book…

amazonHi gang. Just thought I’d take a minute and ask yet another favor. (“Wait – you make us wait 5 @#! years for the book and then you want a favor?!)

If you got a kick out of reading Soap: The Inside Story… and think other Soap fans might like it too, please consider giving it a little love via an Amazon review.

The book looks kinda lonesome on the page, and I can’t work out how to upload preview pages to it – they changed this process on the American version for some reason. So a review or two would be great – and would distract visitors from the horrible author pic that really has to be changed soon. Really soon.

Thanks 🙂



8 comments on “If You Enjoyed the ‘Soap’ Book…

  1. Aaron, I can’t wait to read your book. It looks outstanding! I will make sure to leave a review on Amazon as soon as receive and devour the copy I’ll be ordering today. I know how much hard work you’ve put into this long-anticipated finished product. Bravo on your accomplishment … from one TV book author to another!

  2. Hi Aaron! The book is EXACTLY the size we were hoping for. Perfect! I love that the first photo in the book is one that most of us have not seen. And then, you give a shout out to the Columbia House VHS right away, and show an advertisement for the tapes that I never knew about (and must obtain). I’ll be spending the weekend enjoying your book. Congratulations and thanks!

    • Hi Kyle — Thank you so much for the enthusiasm! If memory serves, that photo is from Tony Thomas’ private collection. Good luck getting the Columbia House releases; I don’t think they’re too expensive, though you might have to get them one at a time. I hope you enjoy the book 🙂

  3. I meant I must obtain the ad for the tapes 🙂 No luck so far with a Google image search. Do you know what magazine it is from? I learned about the ‘Soap’ tapes while already a member of Columbia House. I was so excited to get them! And I’ve been up late enjoying your book!

    • Gotcha. I’m drawing a blank on what form that ad actually took (magazine ad or standalone mailing), though I know it came from the archives of Soap fan Jeff K. So glad the book is keeping you up past your bedtime 😉

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