Thanks to Jay Johnson

Wow, what a day! No sooner do I announce our first signing of Soap: The Inside Story… than I see that Jay Johnson (Chuck & Bob…but you knew that, surely) has posted an extremely kind and thoughtful appreciation of the book on his own site. (Including a photo of the book sitting next to the Tony Award he won for The Two and Only.)

I’ve never accepted praise very well, but Jay’s characterization of the book means a lot to me because he is one of the first people to see what I was trying to do, and by his estimation it sounds as though I succeeded. Here are the two quotes that really get to me:

“To understand how SOAP broke the rules and pushed the envelope, one must also understand the envelope. The connection of SOAP scripts and air dates to news headlines of the day, shows art and life imitating each other.”

And then

“It says unauthorized on the cover and it is most certainly not a fan magazine treatment of the SOAP story, nor is it a tabloid hatchet job. It doesn’t pull punches but there are no round house sucker punches either. It is the story of people just trying to do their job never realizing that 40 years later someone would be asking questions about it.”

Many thanks for your kind words, Jay, and for answering those questions nearly 40 years later.


AND he reviewed it on Amazon! So cool 🙂


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