Los Angeles Book Event…It’s Coming


When: Feb. 22, 4 PM
Where: Book Soup in West Hollywood, CA
Why should I go? Because how often do you get to go someplace and know there will be at least one other person there willing to geek out with you about Soap? (Or indeed about Gilmore Girls, but that’s another book.)

No, really, why should I go? Jeez, OK. There is the slimmest possibility that you will meet at least one person who was somehow involved in the making of Soap. But really, we’re talking slim here. A couple of folks have said they might stop by, and I really love them for that, but they’re very busy people. And I’m absolutely horrible at coming right out and asking people to put themselves out for my benefit.

OK, when is it again? Feb. 22, 4 PM

So, are you actually going to do anything at this event? Remember when I said I’m horrible about asking people for help? Turns out I’m equally bad at asking book shops what they expect me to do at these types of things. I mean they were so nice to extend the offer and everything, I didn’t want to wreck it all by admitting I have absolutely no idea what I’m supposed to do. So far, here’s what I have planned:

  • Sell copies of Soap: The Inside Story… and The Gilmore Girls Companion (yes, I wrote that too).
  • Sign said copies, but only if people ask because seriously, who the heck am I to be writing in people’s brand new books? I mean that’s really pretty rude.
  • Engage in polite conversation about Soap, Gilmore Girls, the weather, and what the weather’s like back in Phoenix.
  • Hang out in the Film section of the bookstore, because that’s usually where I end up in a bookstore anyway.
  • Harass people into going to see Sal Viscuso in A Steady Rain, which opens at 8 PM the same evening.
  • Look at my shoes.

So if there’s anything in what I wrote above that might entice you to stop by Book Soup that afternoon, I’d love to see you there 🙂




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