‘Jessica’s Wonderful Life’

Thanks to Soap Czar Jeff (he’s been elevated from “fan” for services above and beyond over the years) for pointing out that the hard-to-find compilation episode “Jessica’s Wonderful Life” is on YouTube. It’s been chopped up into seven parts, but at least you finally have the opportunity to see it if you haven’t already.


11 comments on “‘Jessica’s Wonderful Life’

    • I don’t think so. Just for what they’re willing to offer. It’s kind of weird that two of the compilation episodes (“Who Killed Peter?” and “Jessica’s Wonderful Life”) were offered on VHS and not the third one (which featured Benson, who should be a selling point since he had his own show). Could it be the third one doesn’t exist anymore or is lost?

    • I’ll step in at this point and give you all that “eyes on your paper” stare. Then again, no one’s bothered to release this episode commercially, so whatever you all end up doing, just make sure you buy a copy if they ever give you the opportunity to do so. (All together now: “Yes dad.”) 🙂

  1. Ugh. We sat down to watch a bit of his Jessica’s Wonderful Life and it has been yanked off YouTube.. User’s account is closed. I may have to splurge for a VHS copy!

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