Book Event this Saturday (Feb. 22)


Many thanks to LA Weekly Listings Editor Derek Thomas for promoting the event – I really appreciate that, Derek!

Now on to the details….

When: Feb. 22, 4 PM
Where: Book Soup in West Hollywood, CA

What should I bring: A friend, a camera, and a voracious love of books because Book Soup is packed with ’em. (Including copies of Soap: The Inside Story…)

So what happens at this event if, you know, I decide to come: Honestly, I have no idea. My wife (and Soap book designer) Pamela and I will probably go on at length about how wonderful the weather is back in Phoenix, and instantly latch on to anyone with a sense of humor, because that’s kinda how we are.

No really, why should I bother: I’ll be as vague as I can be about this because I think it’s the right thing to do for all involved. A few people from Soap have very kindly said they might drop by for a little while to support the book sometime between 4 and 6 that day.

Aside from maddeningly vague talk of Soap people, what else will happen there? Considering the last time I spoke in public was when I was in high school, I can pretty much guarantee an entertaining spectacle at my expense. That is if I’m even supposed to say anything at all there. The promo says “presents” the book – I have no idea what that means, and I remain too shy to ask. I am bringing along some Soap related items that I will be giving away because I know there are people out there who will genuinely enjoy them rather than storing them away.
Any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at asberman813 (at) Note, however, that I won’t have access to email beginning Thursday night as I don’t own a smartphone because, well, I have a chip on my shoulder about people’s obsession with them. And yes, I realize I’m on the wrong side of history…



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