More Book Soup Awesomeness


Many thanks to Amelia Cone at Book Soup for sending me this picture of the sign hanging in their window for this Saturday’s event. And congratulations to Book Soup for just being named LA Weekly’s No. 1 independent bookstore!

Saturday’s signing details:

When: Feb. 22, 4 PM
Where: Book Soup in West Hollywood, CA
For more info: Click here.



4 comments on “More Book Soup Awesomeness

  1. Now there’s going to be too many people and you’ll get writer’s cramp. What’s awesome about that? People all over the place!

    • But these are SOAP people, Jeff. Not to be confused with the miscellaneous people cluttering up the freeways and generally being awful to each other and us. Phasers set to “stun” on Saturday….

    • Hey, watch it Kyle, I’m first in line for that one 😉 Let’s face it, folks, it’s all downhill from here for yours truly…

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