How’s this for Cool?


We learned at lunch on Monday that Pamela and I had been staying in the same hotel they used for the establishing shot of Tim and Corinne’s honeymoon hotel (2.4). It’s the Hotel Angeleno now, but I think it was something else back then.


10 comments on “How’s this for Cool?

  1. It used to be a Holiday Inn, if you can believe it! So cool that you and Pam stayed there. Thanks for all the kind words, Aaron, & great recap of the Soup event – cheers, Amelia

  2. Yes, it was a Holiday Inn for years. I worked there when I was an undergrad at UCLA. Lots of wacky people passed through that hotel. Little did I know that my favorite fallen priest and his horny bride were among them.

  3. I don’t know if it’ll stay there, but I noticed the book selling for a thousand dollars used on Amazon. (A steal, by the way).

    • I have a sneaking suspicion that I swiped it from an old radio show or other. Maybe a cartoon? Basically I’m one big bag of all the things I’ve ever heard. (Rather depressing when you think about it.)

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