An Appeal for Ideas

This is what happens when I get an idea and don’t discuss it with Pamela first. So it’s basically her fault for being at work. Yes, that sounds right.

Seriously, any suggestions you have will be greatly appreciated.


11 comments on “An Appeal for Ideas

  1. Let’s start a movement for a Soap TV movie. 🙂 An update on the Tates and Campbells, and a tribute to those characters (and actors) who have departed us. Heck, even if it airs on Lifetime or something. hehe

    • Hey now, no slagging off Lifetime. As we don’t have a TV, Pamela and I only get to watch TV when we’re traveling, and Lifetime is usually the only channel that doesn’t drive us crazy — you’re sure to get something completely bonkers on it 😉

      • Haha I used to watch Lifetime often, especially when ‘Golden Girls” reruns aired there. 🙂 I just meant, that I’d take a “Soap” movie of some sort in any form (i.e. even on a cable network).

      • Maybe if this was still the ’80s (at the end of the TV-show-movie-special heyday) it might be nice, but this late in the day I think it’s probably best to leave Soap with those cliffhangers. Always leave the audience wanting more 😉

  2. This is probably a stretch, but there’s a huge appetite for TV show documentaries. E!, Biography Channel. Bio has something called “Behind the Show” where they do/did a “bio” of a TV show. As far as I know there’s never been a doc about “Soap” and it deserves one, before we lose more people.
    I’ve noticed that often docs work with an author, who has the contacts and knows the history. You could be interviewed, plug the book, maybe help with the script. It would give “Soap” some new exposure and give the book exposure as well. The principals seem to love the book and love the show, there’s momentum.
    Maybe it’s pie in the sky but it would be awesome if it could happen.

  3. Something like this for example, for “Welcome Back, Kotter”.

    They could dig up old interviews (the Dinah Shore Show all “Soap” episode!), show classic bits, interview a certain author and the cast. There’s companies set up to do these. They seem to want some dish, to keep people coming back after the commercial, but the controversy is the dish. There’s plenty in the book to give them ideas about how to fill an hour.
    Or maybe some documentarian who loved “Soap” and could do a classier doc. The possibilities are endless these days with so many outlets for distribution.

  4. Prob’ly the thing to do is to hawk it on every talk show you can. I’m going to give mine to the library as books were meant to be shared, not kept home collecting dust! A friend researched a massive bk on Lizzie Borden and hawked it on all the local stations in Mass. (~$50/bk). It’s a collossal (sp) effort to push a bk, Perhaps trade shows, book shows, Chiller Theatre conventions (& other). Jacqueline Susanne deserves an award for how she schmoozed her Valley of the Dolls onto the bestseller list (bought & signed copies for bookstore owners). Try talking up your local newspaper book reviewers (buy ’em a copy, sign it, etc.) so everyone won’t sleep until they have their copy!! Try Ellen! 🙂

    • Thank you for the suggestions, Glenn. I’m fast realizing that squeezing book promotion into an already 12-14 hour day work schedule is a bit more than I can handle at present. Still, it’s a wonderful problem to have 🙂

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