Many Thanks, Fox 10 (Phoenix)

fox10_1A big thank you to Hans Pedersen over at our local Fox affiliate, Fox 10, for putting together this great little piece about Soap and the book. And special thanks to Jay Johnson and Bob, who navigated the choppy waters of Skype to share their thoughts on the series. Pamela and I are very touched by the efforts of all three of them, as well as those of Wayne Williams for allowing Fox 10 to use his photos from the Book Soup signing.



6 comments on “Many Thanks, Fox 10 (Phoenix)

  1. Very nice. 🙂 The newscaster seemed a little confused when introducing the piece, though. hehe Great that Helmond, Guillaume, Johnson, Salt, Viscuso and Wass had a reunion- and you were there with them. You must spill some tidbits. 🙂

  2. Hmmm, does it sound like I was at the reunion? I’m afraid Pamela and I were back in Phoenix by the time that took place, but it was wonderful to hear about — all such nice people 🙂

  3. Thanks Aaron! We should’ve clarified who arranged the reunion, i.e. director Jay Sandrich.. I think Ron lost the prompter for a few seconds in the intro too. Ah, the joys of live TV! But what a fun story! And such a great book.

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