‘Soap’ Reunion on The Hallmark Channel

benson_reunion(Click photo for TV segment link)

While it’s great to see Jay Johnson’s photos from today’s honoring of Robert Guillaume on Hallmark’s Home and Family show, Jay’s thoughts on it all are exactly what we’ve come to expect from his Internet soap (Soap?) box: an honest reflection on whatever subject he’s decided to turn his mind to.

I’ve frequently said here (and in the Soap book) that Jay Johnson gives the impression of being the smartest guy in the room, and his post here only underscores that. There’s a certain tension that exists when you have someone who is both self-aware and aware of the ridiculousness of his surroundings, and that person has a career in Hollywood.

Honestly, the only other person I can think of who had these qualities was Douglas Adams. His Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy might’ve told us “Don’t Panic”; I think Jay would probably say “You probably should panic, but really, what’s the point?”


16 comments on “‘Soap’ Reunion on The Hallmark Channel

  1. Thanx for the heads up, Aaron. Would’ve hated to miss this. I set my DVR to catch the repeat tomorrow morning. I know my share of “Soap” minutia but I didn’t know high schooler Billy Crystal interviewed Guillaume.

  2. It was a great reunion for what it was and so wonderful to see so many castmembers paying tribute to Robert. It was a bit of a shock to see Billy Crystal taking part but certainly a delight. It was also cute that the show paid homage to the Soap opening with the opening of their show.

    Has there ever been a televised Soap reunion prior to this one? I can’t recall one.

  3. The Billy Crystal tidbit’s a new one on me, too, Jeff, but to be new to YOU – I refuse to believe it 😉 Trevor, I loved Jay Johnson’s take on that Soap opening tribute on his blog. As for any other televised reunions, I defer to Jeff K’s knowledge on that one. I can recall times when 2 or 3 castmembers were brought together for a specific Soap-related purpose (the Comedy Channel…or was it Comedy Central by then…promos when they briefly had Soap on, for example).

  4. I heard there was another “Soap” reunion on TV but I don’t have any details. The holy grail is the Dinah Shore Show, 90 minutes of the Soap cast singing and interviewing during the first season. I keep hoping it will show up on youtube but of course it doesn’t because the world is against me! Well, there’s Aaron’s book so maybe not.

  5. The thing is I remember some of it. I remember they started with the cast in character doing comedy lines. I know Ted Wass and Billy Crystal were in a shot doing a gay joke. I’m pretty sure Katherine Helmond and Guillaume were in a shot. And I know Guillaume sang a song and I think Cathryn Damon did too. Dinah basically brought out the cast one by one and interviewed them. And by the end of the show they were all out there. And if she introduced someone like Guillaume he would do a song first. It was so incredible even then.
    Damn it, this is the last chance. If Rhino or someone wants to rerelease “Soap” and do new interviews before the cast is gone. No offense to Aaron’s book which does the same thing but it would be great to have them on camera one last time. And include Dinah’s show and even the Hallmark thing as extras. Who do I have to (CENSORED!) to make that happen?
    Long story short, my memories are paved with gold!

  6. The show (Dinah!) was produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox, which is a good place to start. Hopefully it won’t require (CENSORED), but then again we’ll find out how important this is to you…

  7. According to, well, Wikipedia, Dinah’s daughter Melissa Montgomery owns the rights to Dinah’s shows. Not that she’s doing anything with them.

    • I’m sure she’d want more money than I can provide. Then again, considering she hasn’t tried to market that gold mine, maybe she’s nuts!

  8. Maybe I should mention for those who don’t know, there is a DVD set of “Family Feud” showing casts from ’70’s TV shows doing battle, including “Soap”. It’s a blast! I can’t believe they actually released it.

  9. The Dinah! show sounds fantastic. I’d consider that a “holy grail” as well. My other two grails are: 1) the Soap recap episode that aired after the first 13 episodes had aired (right after Peter’s murder) and 2) the Katherine Helmond interview on Later with Bob Costas where she supposedly said the plan was for Benson, El Puerco, and others to have saved Jessica by planting blanks in the firing squad’s rifles. Maybe some day…

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