Sal Viscuso TV Interview

sal_wcco_2Sal Viscuso (Soap’s Father Tim) is finally getting some long overdue recognition for his dramatic work in the gripping two-hander A Steady Rain. Currently being staged at Minneapolis’ Guthrie Theatre until Nov. 2, the production is technically touring, so could pop up in your town soon. If it does, don’t miss it. Here he is chatting with Minneapolis’ local CBS affiliate yesterday. A force of nature is our Sal.


Sal Viscuso: On Tour…and in ‘Scandal’!

First off, I’m glad the Powers That Be have finally come out with a bit of video of A Steady Rain, the play that Sal Viscuso (Father Tim) was kicking ass in at the beginning of this year, and will be kicking ass in later this year and on into 2015 & 2016.

Yep, A Steady Rain is going on tour, beginning with some dates in Minneapolis this October, as well as Atlanta’s Alliance NEXT September! Check out the official A Steady Rain Tour site for background and some awesome pics.

Sal’s also appearing in the fall season premiere of ABC’s Scandal Thursday, Sept. 25th, which should be a hell of a thing. If you watch the above video through to the end, I think you’ll see why many of us are excited to see him in a full-on dramatic TV role.

Rain has been pushing him steadily into some very interesting waters in terms of his acting style – allowing him to tap into his own personality, which is best described as being a force of nature. And quite frankly, we’re anxiously awaiting that Scandal cloudburst!


Sal Viscuso in ‘A Steady Rain’


(Left to right: Thomas Vincent Kelly, Sal Viscuso (Soap’s Father Tim), assistant director Deidra Edwards, director Jeff Perry)

Still trying to catch up on backlogged work and fighting “drive lag,” but I wanted to share this photo with you, and to urge anyone in the LA area to check out the Odyssey Theatre’s production of A Steady Rain.

I’m sure I’ll go into the opening night performance in detail later this week but really, anybody with the slightest interest in good drama should see this. Two men, two chairs, 90 minutes, a tiny theater, and you won’t even blink as this drama plays itself out. Mesmerizing.

Photo courtesy of Sal Viscuso

Poster for ‘A Steady Rain’

Can’t wait to catch Sal Viscuso in the opening night for A Steady Rain at the Odyssey Theatre in West Hollywood Feb. 22nd. Here’s the new poster for it:


If you’re going to be in town for the Soap: The Inside Story… book event (and I hope some of you will be, because honestly I’m not sure what I’m going to do all afternoon if you’re not), you can catch the opening night for A Steady Rain about 15 minutes away that night. But get those tickets soon

Sal Viscuso in ‘A Steady Rain’

Steady rain cover

Just got off the phone with the amazing Sal Viscuso,* who’s gearing up for a tense two-man drama: A Steady Rain by Keith Huff at The Odyssey Theatre in West Los Angeles starting Feb. 22, 2014. It will be directed by Jeff Perry, co-founder (with Gary Sinise) of the Steppenwolf Theatre Co. (Perry can also be seen these days as Cyrus on the ABC drama Scandal.)

If the title sounds familiar, that’s because Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig made headlines when they performed A Steady Rain on Broadway in 2009. (This was also the production in which Jackman told an audience member to get off their cell phone. Yes, apparently some people have to be told these things….) Sal is playing the Hugh Jackman role.

Stay tuned for ticket information when it becomes available.


*If you want to know one reason why I call Sal amazing, you need to check out his story in the Soap book. Really.