‘Soap’ Reunion on The Hallmark Channel

benson_reunion(Click photo for TV segment link)

While it’s great to see Jay Johnson’s photos from today’s honoring of Robert Guillaume on Hallmark’s Home and Family show, Jay’s thoughts on it all are exactly what we’ve come to expect from his Internet soap (Soap?) box: an honest reflection on whatever subject he’s decided to turn his mind to.

I’ve frequently said here (and in the Soap book) that Jay Johnson gives the impression of being the smartest guy in the room, and his post here only underscores that. There’s a certain tension that exists when you have someone who is both self-aware and aware of the ridiculousness of his surroundings, and that person has a career in Hollywood.

Honestly, the only other person I can think of who had these qualities was Douglas Adams. His Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy might’ve told us “Don’t Panic”; I think Jay would probably say “You probably should panic, but really, what’s the point?”

Robert Guillaume Interview Transcribed

There are few actors today who are both highly respected artists of the craft and self-deprecating to the point of arguing with you about their merits. However, Robert Guillaume is one of those people. As he put it:

“I must say that I never thought of myself as much of an actor. I had apparently gained some credibility in sitcom circles, largely as a result of getting a good role like Benson. I never had to prove much beyond that. I sort of went strictly on instinct and intuition. I enjoyed keeping my character and his responses to everything. I enjoyed trying to keep it without technique if you will; of course everything you do becomes a technique.”