A ‘Soap’ Care Package

A hearty thank you to Soap fan extraordinaire Jeff Krueger for loaning me his collection of Soap-related items, and what a collection it is. From hard-to-find scripts to even harder to find magazine clippings, related TV episodes (including impossible to find episodes of Fay!), and reunion material. You rock, Jeff!


9 comments on “A ‘Soap’ Care Package

  1. Will you be including some of this stuff as images in the book? 🙂 What is that item with the sketches of Jessica and Mary?

    BTW- do you recall those Comedy Central commercials that aired when the channel started showing “Soap”? It was Hatherine H., Robert G. and Jay Johnson. I think they were for some kind of “Soap”/laundry contest; Katherine was wearing red. And she said something like, “I wonder what happened to that guy who played Jodie…” 🙂

  2. Hi Jim. Yes, the hope is to indeed include some of these awesome items in the book; the sketches are Jeff’s own. (Will have to get better pics of these items as this one isn’t very clear — my apologies.) While I was aware that Soap was on Comedy Central, I don’t recall any of the commercials for it. I do, however, have great nostalgic memories of seeing the commercials during Soap’s original run. I was about 6 or 7, but I still remember the clip where Jessica is explaining that Chester fooled around on her, including when she was in the hospital giving birth 😉

  3. Great items! The Canadian version of TV Guide used an actual photo of the cast instead of a sketch. I have a copy if you’d like an image 🙂

    I remember the Comedy Central promos, and I could swear there were ads featuring ABC daytime actors speculating on the fate of characters after the fourth season.

  4. Hi–
    Looking forward to the book!! Is this fall still a possibility?

    On the subject of rarity, have you had access to the third-season opening recap with Katherine Helmond and Robert Guillaume? I am a serious Soap fan, but still have never seen that show.

    • Nov/Dec this year is still the hope, but much of that depends on “day job” workload unfortunately. Though I haven’t seen the recap you mentioned, I suspect it may be somewhere amongst the rarities Jeff sent me in his care package. Will let you know 🙂

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